Developing and building machines for sticking logistic labels on the rope, on lines L1, L2 and L3 at Jamnica Pisarovina.
This was integrated with the existing program concept where the warehouse management and print management system was implemented.



Delivering and mounting three Schneider Electric “Canalis” busbar trunking runs -ampere rating 2500A, 1600A. The design was developed in the specialized Canbrass software tool.
"Canalis" low-voltage distribution design solution (SR1-2500A, SR2-1600A and SR3-1600A) was developed based on the architectural plans delivered to us.

-Preparation of adhesives
Full delivery and installation of butterfly valves and ball valves with pneumatic actuators.
Building control cabinets equipped with modular pneumatic valve blocks - DeviceNet protocol.



Upgrading beverage mixer with modular pneumatic valve blocks regulated by the ProfibusDP protocol.



Implementation of the new vacuum system for handling lids on the Viking CC6 line, with the aim of eliminating deadlocks and increasing reliability.